adventures in Morocco

Jan 2019

 I am totally enthralled with my Adventures in Morocco.There is nothing like stepping outside  ones' perceived reality into the the challenges of the unknown, meeting the creative mind and pushing ones' limits. Creativity abounds in positive and challenging ways.The fabric of Morocco is woven with the sensual experiences of colour, spices, textures,drenched in history from the Berber Nomad, the Arabs, Jewish and the French living together.

Arrived in Essaouria, the coastal town of artists, galleries, and  studios. Cats in an abubndance. The fishing boats, beutiful woooden vessels for transport, hauling food , from time memorial, a testement to the strength of  the Moroccan people.

Cerulean blues are the palette of the daily life.






February 2019

 Sustaining life, the Moroccan tea is a blend of green tea , infused with wild, fresh mint and a cube of sugar, delicious and refreshing after walking in the   Sahara dunes, or atop the MEMORIAL CAMEL, her soft, undulating  TIMELESS trek through history, yes, this is the experience in Morocco. Walking for hours through the Middle Atlas Mountains we took rest with the Berber family. History and TIME beautiffully etched in his face, the family's lifestyle one of simplicity and he imparted a serenity and prescence one from the westernn world yearns for.