I love to travel, immersing myself in different cultures, connecting with the people as an independent traveller. My work has been inspired directly and indirectly by my adventures.The travels began as an overland trip from Nepal, traveling through the Middle East and Europe arriving in England. Like most Australians, I lived and worked in England until I was lured to South Africa.

My love for the local Pondo and Xhosa people in the Transkei  nurtured me for several years, living and working in the Transkei at Mkambati Game Reserve, close to Nelson Mandela’s birthplace.

After leaving the Transkei I sailed on small boats across several oceans working as a deckhand. My final port, sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge, landing in San Francisco.

I lived in California for 26 years with my family. I now live in Melbourne, Australia. 

Please look at my page on 'stories' for my Adventures. 

Happily drawing in the Egyptian Tomb at Abu Simbel, I was fortunate to sleep under the only salt bush.




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