My travels continued on several sailing boats as a deck hand. I lived in Mauritius,The Seychelles, then continued sailing north up The Red Sea, arriving in Egypt, the coastal port of Hurghada. 

Egypt captivated my whole sensorial being.The expanse of the Arabian Desert penetrated by the Nile, the people morphing from their lives of antiquity to a juxtaposition of the present, from the galabaya mens' dress to the traditional felucca gracefully navigating theNile. I  was able to explore the sacred burial sites finding parts of mummies and treasures.

Through travellers' sychronicity, I was able to sleep next to the only piece of thorn bush under the magnificent Temple of Rameses 11: Abu Simbel..


I was alone as the tourists came and went according to their documented schedule...drawing in the Temple...


.....there I was with the Egyptian setting sun casting long warm shadows and awaking to the sun rising, cool air and the lone Egyptian worker sweeping the Temple stone steps. Two people from different worlds, present in history. Life brought to its elemental moments.

I lived and travelled in Egypt for several months. Finally leaving Egypt I continued sailing through the Mediterranean across the North Atlantic Ocean to the The Caribbean, where I lived and worked on various sailing boats on the island of St. Maarten.

From the Caribbean I sailed through the Panama Canal arriving in San Francisco.